Neglect is a funny thing, it just happens.

Let us not neglect our friends, our friends’ feelings nor our blogs…

Thank you to Eleanor for reminding me that I’m taking up space on cyber space and I may as well use it to tell everyone about this new adventure my family and I are on.

And so it starts, the blogging of Danelle, Greg and Hananiah in Taiwan…

Love and light everyone… and until I can think of something to blog about, laters baby!




I’ve decided that in my 30th year on this lovely planet, I will be endeavouring to take on and blog about a ‘bucket list’ (for lack of a better word).

I’m not going to be bungee jumping and blogging about that, I mean, whats so great about being indecisive about suicide, coz that what bungee jumping is, jumping off a cliff but not being sure if you wanna go splat, so you have the safety rope (also sounds a lot like mommy issues) anyway, I digress. My goal is to go around blogging about crazy shiz I get up to that normal people probably do on a weekly or daily basis.

My first assignment is this vajazzle business! Yes, it is what it sounds like!

You get your vajayjay waxed and then bedazzle it! I know right, its insane. Why would people do this?! I guess some bored heiress was on some acid induced trip and decided it would be an original idea to get her womansy bits waxed and to put glitter over it. I mean you have to be on acid to come up with things like that right? Anyway some capitalist came up with a money spinner of an idea and here it is on this blog post. You cant hate what you haven’t tried, so let me not pass judgement … Yet!

I’m not gonna post a host of photographs of this rather um, well, its your private bits so I’m not gonna be posting any photographs, sies man!


IM BACK – with a bucket and a list!


Hay Yall!!!

Its been a while, but so much has happened since the last time I blogged! I’ve left corporate communications, joined the world of retail property management as PR & Marketing Manager of Walmer Park Shopping Centre (Hells-to-the-yeah!) and to top it all off I went and had a baby!

Now, the new chapters start combining and book two starts with me facing the big three oh! I’m turning 30 in a few days time and according to my sexy-besty I better get my bucket list done before I turn into a 30 year old!

I need suggestions for my bucket list – first on there is

1.  Take a shexy self pic (I dont do self picks mos) before thirty

2.  Take a shexy self pic (like sexy-besty Nicky did) on my 30th!

I’m open to suggestions here on what to do to make my 30th momentous!


Celebrity look alikes


So the European Music Awards (EMA’s) are all wrapped up and I just cant wait to see what when down & who work what!?

In the hype of all the EMA news, reviews and gossip,  I had a “what the hey” moment.

The Bieb’s!

He’s growing up!

On top of that he’s looking more and more like… ‘other people’.   Not the little ‘baby-baby’ face any more either.  (Maybe that’s why that Mariah Yeater chick alleges that he knocked her up, she might have him all confused with a look-alike.)

Anyway, have a look at these two bloke’s below – don’t you think the Biebs looks like Paul Wesley? Crazy hay!?!

Paul Wesley is the hot, self loathing, star-crossed-lover-vampire from the hit TV show – The Vampire Diaries – it’s currently in season 3 – which South Africa is eagerly awaiting to drop on channel VUZU (fingers crossed).

I just cannot get myself to think about The Biebs as hot – coz honestly – he’s just a baby,  BUT Paul Wesley sure as hell is!


Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries

The resemblance is uncanny.

Surely you can’t say I’m completely wrong – right?!

Hurdles and help

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I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a “Hurdles and Help” workshop hosted by the BWA chairperson and Local PR guru, Michelle Brown. The workshops give women a chance to gain perspective on areas of business where they either lack confidence, experience or just need a fresh look at how they conduct themselves.

I must say I rather enjoyed the session, it’s a hands – or rather ears on approach to the unspoken rules of business women constantly negotiate their way through when getting ‘down to business’

Here are the 20 commandments – as tried, tested and sworn by Michelle – which us young ‘up and comings’ can ‘mantra-lise’

1. Embrace being a women – especially in times when you’re the only one around so u can capitalize, man-opalize and work your charm.

2. Technology can be interruptive . Leave your mobile device, laptop or tab off or put away. It’s respectful.

3. Business for women works better over breakfast or dinner, not over drinks. Bars are not conducive to good business dealings, or a good rep…

4. Listen more and always take notes.

5. Every now and then u have to move with the times, that means keeping tabs on trends and technology.

6. Personal contact is an effective tool, it helps to be aware of what is out there. We all love our emails but we are people after all – so – make sure to make face to face or telephonic contact.

7. Learn to accept challenges and try and find solution. Just breathe. You will find a solution, just take a moment to clear your head first.

8. Things happen for a reason. Remember and realize that in life you won’t get every job or contract. Look at the bigger picture. That thing you wanted might not be right for you right now, so get over it as quick as possible and get on to the next thing.

9. Do your homework about people places and products. For new clients – Knowledge and info gives you a confident edge. You have the power to start and maintain conversations. Research and knowledge gives you the power to connect.

10. Be assertive and know your worth. Don’t undermine yourself for any reason. Promote yourself, but not at the expense of being a bragger. Its just that you know what u can bring to the table

11. When you are networking, you need to exchange contact details. And you must Follow Up!!! This leaves an imprint of yourself and a strong impression with the other person.

12. Genuinely praise and encourage others. Email, text or call people in acknowledgement of their achievements . It shows you are doing your homework and builds stronger connections

13. You always have a choice. And it’s yours as to how you react and how you rise to the challenge. After all its not the situation that counts but how you overcome it.

14. The rules between men and women are different. Look at braai’s. Learn to play the game.. Know your sport, it comes in handy. Be assertive when entering a conversation. Involve yourself in the conversation if men are dominating it. Don’t be scared.

15. Network, share, mentor, connect. As a woman, preserve the connectiveness. Build on old relationships. Keep in the line of vision of people in prominent positions. Even if it’s an odd SMS or email.

16. Professional and ethical conduct is very important. Don’t badmouth as it doesn’t do anyone any justice.

17. Deliver on promise. Rather under promise and over deliver. Think of your reputation

18. Give a helping hand.. There’s always someone climbing the same ladder below you, doing the same thing, needing help. You needed it at one stage, pay it forward!

19. Follow yr intuition, your gut sense. Know when to walk away

20. Think or envision what your actions it will look like to the public tomorrow. This exercise will aid you in your decision making and conduct – as you must always conduct yourself with dignity. No one will think badly of you afterwards.

I hope these pearls of wisdom may fill a gap in your education, even if it’s a small one, because it sure did for me…. I’m sharing knowledge, now, the ball is in your court to do the same in some way…

Now go forth and conduct yourself in a fashionably fabulous manner!

20111105-222435.jpg. Michelle Brown doing her thing at a function

Hot Chicks running wild

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My friend and I love to talk about food and we love eating good food even more!

So we’re having this chicken take-away convo & its actually a funny thing, coz I’m going on memory only – I dont eat anything that has had a face – and we came up with the idea that I’m going to open up a chicken take out!

Hear me out while I run you through it.

We start out feeling hungry just before noon – so – we naturally start talking about the food places surrounding our work. In our CBD where my bestie works there’s KFC, HUNGRY LION, A COFFEE SHOP, some grocery kinds of stores, convenience stores – but my all time favourite ZEBRO’s! Zebro’s does flame grilled chicken – but its their chips that I was addicted to for almost two or three years that I’m on about!

So amidst talking about Hungry Lion & Zebro’s, lunch time arrives and I’m off to Walmer Park coz I need me some running shoes for gym tonight – since I joined like yesterday! Anyway – I always change my mind if its related to a bargain & I was on route to Total Sports with a R100 off voucher when it struck me that I have a R200 off voucher from Edgars.

Edgars had shoes but shocking service. The assistants were dodging me instead of trying to help. You would think that helping a person would make the time go faster… Well – since I look like a serial killer, I had to go and ask a random till point person to find me a helper – I mean – I needed help, I don’t know a running shoe from a, a, a…. A CROSSTRAINER! (I did not have to Google it, that was the last pair of things I had)

Anyway – long story short – I have said running shoes and Woolies‘ lunch and supper in tow and I’m back to chatting.

My bestie tells me – she didn’t enjoy her HUNGRY LION lunch and its my fault! All the while I’m sitting and eating my Woolies seasonal mix fruit salad. Well we get into chatting about the chicken places again and how she’s now going to try Chicken Licken again…

This made me think, FRANCHISE Opportunity! I thought up the craziest names like, Freak’n Licken Chicken – which was then refined to Chicks! Which then became HOT CHICKS! Which then developed a month end promotion called… wait… wait for it.


Hot Chick-en

Lekke Boude

You can’t get any more South  African than ‘lekke boude’.

Watch out Vuyo, I’m a chick, I mean a – Hot Chick on a mission!

That was your commercial break – now GO BACK TO WORK!

But before you do, where’s this going? Maybe nowhere…. But… I cant wait to try out my new shoes – my new Adidas Black Sumbrah running shoes, they totally match my gym outfit for tonight. Then its off to do a “Stage Presence” talk to aspiring little modelling school girls from Premier Models.

PS:  I hope I dont ruin my GHD curls !! They’re full of hair spray and there’s nothing worse than dilapidated-hair-sprayed-curls!

I will be going forth to fashionise and gym-inise!

Check out this funky range of Adidas ladies shoes! Very fashion forwards and Super hot, imagine some super hot chick with lekke boude running around in these babies!

Retro Torsion Heels

Torsion Heels

My Trainers, the Sumbrah's

Hot JS Boots

Winged feet lol!

Way cool Cushion Wedge's

Clima Wedges

Mei Ballerina - a.k.a Adida Pumps

My all time Favourites Y3 Drape Wedges

chasing pavements making tea pots

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I started this blog in Taiwan. Sorry it took so long to post. I just miss this place beyond the point that words can explain..

So here it goes…  When visiting Taiwan its wealth of history and the rich spirited culture will knock you for a six.

To nurture and grow these characteristic features and maintain public interest in the future, our far eastern friends have come up with some ingenious yet simple ways of involving and personalising the traditional experience.

Looking back at the teapot making class in New Taipei City’s Yingge Ceramics Museum –  the experience is a fun-dynamic-play-with-clay-way in which the historical significance  of a simple cultural artefact is emphasised, exposed and experienced!

Making teapots  is a popular activity for friends, family and tourists to take part in.. .   But before that – you have to visit the whole of the Yingge District. The streets are lined with shops that sell ceramic’s pottery and literally anything that is related to the area’s ceramic history.  As legend has it –  migrants who specialised in tea cultivation were found in this area, effectively developing and preserving this aspect of its history by keeping the area’s ‘theme’ deeply rooted in and around tea and ceramics.  You have to experience the pottery streets and Museum which takes you on a journey through the amazing ceramic relic’s of past, present and even the future.

As I’ve stated previously, nothing in Taiwan is done without food… So as expected we dined to some Traditional Taiwanese foods and drinks on route to our tea-pot making training! The level of comfort achieved with my host family and friends meant that they were so open and even acknowledge the ‘strangeness’ of their taste to the rest of the world and that others (non-easterners for a lack of better words) deem it rather unpalatable, but it doesn’t distract from how vehemently proud they are of the unique and rich culture.

Onto the importance of tea – it is communicated in every facet of the life and times of all Taiwanese people and I’ll be so bold to say all Chinese people.  Various types of tea, tea leaves and teapots line the streets Yingge District and you can easily personalise culture in Taiwan because learning the art of making tea / bubble tea or ornamental TEAPOTS is within your reach! And this  my cue to stop ‘bubbling’ and start ‘making’ this teapot entry more picturesque!

Traditional Taiwanese Spa

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The stay in Taiwan is just getting better and better. To the point where I’m so comfortable Im literally forgetting that I’m not at home!
My host family booked a traditional Taiwanese foot massage at a place called Villa Spa. Upon arrival, the foot massage quickly turned into an irresistible full body massage!
It is an absolute dream of a place which bases it’s decor, design and treatment style on that which you would experience on the coasts of Bali, Indonesia. Though the trip was in another county, we really made the most of it and even tried to stay around the county till 9pm, to try to get another appointment.

Our day did however start off with a visit to a Korean style restaurant where we ate amazing food. They style is different but one thing remains true, the taste surpasses anything I ever tried before!

Places covered
Baoshan Township, Hsinchu County, 6 Star Villa spa, Cosco wholesale retail centre in Hsinchu County

What I’ve learnt
I’ve learnt that eating with chopsticks is not a novelty anymore, and no one even asks if I want a fork anymore. My reservations about the ‘different’ kinds of foods have been thrown out by the window, because really – the only reason things are called funny disgusting names is because of the direct translation or the over exaggeration of a certain ingredient, namely the pig blood cake! LOL! I’m starting to interpret what people are saying around me so I’m kind of getting the hang of some words, phrases – but mostly its body language. I’ve got the hang of the roads and where they lead to.  I’ve also learnt to ignore the strange looks we sometimes get when we are in smaller more traditional area’s.

What my highlights were
No big guesses here. I wanted to stay at Villa Spa, but really – Cosco was also really great. Got some awesome bargains but reality hit me when I realised I’m not home and that all this was going to come to an abrupt end in a matter of days. I love this place. I love being able to shop here and I love that when I work out the currency difference – I get this happy fright and just take whatever is in front of me. Another highlight was the huge, and I mean huge bag of Lindt I bought for under R100. Its something like a 2kg Lindt! FOR REALS!!!

So during this brief time in Taiwan, I’ve gotten used to getting around, bargaining, finding differences in facing challenges and opening myself up to different things for the sake of being a foreigner. I hated the term at first, but you know what – being a foreigner in Taiwan is something everyone should want to be – because things are just that much cooler for you!

Until next time, take a break for a massage then, go forth and do your thing!

A hero in another country

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So yesterday was a really different one to the normal trekking in and around Taiwan, Taipei.  Instead of starting off with a map, I started off with my MAC!

I had twoamazing tv interviews with TVBS, one for the news show and the other a show hosted by Spencer Chan. The news interview in my host families apartment was about me being in Miss SA and my interest in the fashion and beauty industry. I had to do some posed shots and pulled out some of the clothing I brought along!

I managed to give a Port Elizabeth jeans designed, Craig Alexander some airtime for making me a jeans, they loved I had some locally made items and really focused on that.

Then the evening we ran through a complete tv show which had some set questions and a ‘show off your talent’ section. As you may or may not know, I’m completely talent free! I have no talent so they made me do a mock runway fashion show with some poses! For real!! They said it was good, we’ll see, in September some time I hear.

We had dinner at a Korean style restaurant and then went to a mall called, Mirimar where we took this helluva huge ferris wheel and met up with two other host families. I couldn’t feel my legs in the ferris wheel, that’s how high it is, but managed to keep my food down and take some pic’s of the very amazingly high view.

Places covered
Nangang area, TVBS Studio’s, Miramar Mall & TGI Friday’s

What I’ve learnt
I’ve learnt that people here are really appreciative of other people’s talents regardless of how unique or simplistic it may be. Also – the people here regardless of language constraintnts are ready to teach & share their language, traditions, values and passions with others. I have learnt to not underrated myself. What is of little value to me may be of great value to someone else, and vice versa. And also not to judge a book by it’s cover!

What I’m grateful for
This place is teaching me so much about myself, my passions and challenging my norms. It’s like on a path to self discovery and I’m so happy that I’m consistently being challenged to think about things differently. I’m grateful for the opportunity to see a country different to my own and to address the question, what will I take back and how will I make a difference

In closing, the tv interviews challenged the way I portrey myself and made me appreciate my achievements. I am proud ton have represented my country, my families and my peeps. I have met wonderful people and made wonderful friends. The next couple of days are going to be challenging but worth it. I’m amped and looking forward to embracing Taiwan, it’s people and it’s independance.

Until next tome, keep on fashioning, I am, and I’m doing it like they do it for TV baby!

Gallery below:

Empty wallets full hands

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Today was a really fun random kind of day! It is also officially one week since we landed here in Taiwan.

As you may have picked up – the cornerstone to any activity in Taiwan is food, so we did that and it was especially fun today. But… My experience here has been topped particularly because – I spent the whole day shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Places covered
Tianmu area, Sogo Shopping Centre, Shilin, Houshanpi, Wufenpu Commercial Area and Jingmei Night Market. MRT & Bus Systems

What I’ve learnt
I’ve learnt that Tianmu is an international area where you will find a dynamic mix of cultures and nationalities. The local people in this area are well spoken in English and are particularly more confident in approaching foreigners – it’s not a bad thing because in Taiwan people do everything with grace, flare and humility. I ate two new Taiwanese dishes – Stingy Tofu and Traditional Taiwanese sausage roll. I did however have the vegetarian though.  It’s a rice roll with a tasty filling – my word I love it! I am also of the opinion that Taiwanese have come up with some really spicy combinations that challenge the notion that Indians make the species food – I think Taiwanese do – and I LOVE IT!  I’ve learnt the commercial hub of Taiwan, for me is Wufenpu where you can make yourself so broke and be as happy as a new mom hearing her baby cry for the first time 🙂 Wufenpu is an area where you can buy in bulk or single items for really cheap – man – I love that area. The fashion is accessible, forward, deconstructed, modern, funky and affordable. I feel how it just draws me in. Plus – in the midst of all this futuristic move into fabulous fashion – you will find traditional Chinese / Taiwanese foods as close as the next corner or shop. I also – so love SOGO – it’s a big department store, but for me it’s like a mall, we went to the one in Tianmu – great innovative shopping… OH MY LUGGAGE IS GOING TO BE TOO HEAVY!!

What I’m grateful for
Apart from just being here and having the opportunity to be in this amazing place, I’m grateful for how the people of Taiwan embrace their visitors! Sure, some will try to swindle a couple more bucks out of you – but who or which person in sales and retail wouldn’t? I’m grateful for my safety and the freedom to move anywhere, associate with anyone, bargain without fear and be appreciated for my nationality. Also – I am so grateful for my host mom Vicky who is so wonderful… I’ll never be able to repay her and her family for everything that they have done, are doing and will do for me. I think they are the best example of a host family that deserves a prize or recognition for their valour, zest and genuine good heartedness. I’m grateful that I can take all this in and share it with all of y’all out there. I’m grateful for my education and job – because this combination with a bit of my background and history could prove to be an interesting combination – should I consider a new place of residence one day! lol! but really now – I could live here!

PS: Taiwan is a tourist destination at first, a people magnet in the end!

Go forth and fashionise, I will keep on, keeping on and tomorrow I will pull out all the stops – check back to find out what I’ve gotten up to!